Focused Searches Within Limited Talent Pools

$100 Million Growth Unit of $20B Electronics Company

A foreign multinational consumer and commercial digital electronics and appliances leader required the national VP, Sales for a key high growth unit in  the USA. Domain, channel knowledge, and leadership skills were fundamental and only achievable from three competitors.

In an unusually limited candidate pool, which included non-compete agreements among all competitors, consultant determined that one person who had been rotated into marketing two years prior offered the client a unique and superior solution. Discussion of that solution with the unit general manager resulted in adaptation to a candidate profile which circumvented non-compete issues at the customer channel level while beneficially introducing broader expertise into their lean business unit. 

Placement went on to drive exceptional growth via a unique view of channel partner value-added leadership.


American Automaker Recruits One Of Just Four Kaizen/Lean Executives

A big three domestic automaker sought an American leader in Supplier Value Management executive overseeing Kaizen and Lean within the USA operations of either Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.  New appointee would drive implementation of similar programs within NA. 

In an exceptionally small USA candidate pool of just four prospects at the appropriate senior level, the search consultant contacted and interviewed three of the four executives.  Client and consultant successfully recruited the leading company's executive who built a world class team.

Placement went on to be promoted to this Big 3’s head of European purchasing. 

Our Approach To Limited Talent Pools