From long running Lean organizations to newer implementers, assessment of candidates' Lean competencies should avoid over-attributing credentials and execution to the standards of a current employer.  Every candidate requires examination because employers' business sytems and each individual's engagement with Lean varies.  We can help assess both.

Hiring process owners must determine the Lean competencies of candidates.  Defining lean-management values within job descriptions can filter for certain basic standards, however the talent pool varies widely in capacity, adoption, and passion for Lean.  Our search process is designed to help your decision making when it involves Lean.

Access Point Partners' consultants have recruited for some of the leading Lean organizations, but no search consultant can be an expert assessor of Lean competencies unless they've previously worked in a Lean-based company.  

Our unique search solution includes candidate interviews conducted by our Lean-dedicated consultant whose career includes being a client Corporate Vice President of Human Resources at a top performing Fortune 500 manufacturer dedicated to Lean production systems.  Together our clients and consultants obtain a clearer picture of a candidate competencies. 

Team Advocacy

Assessing For Lean

Hiring Team Advocacy

Identify A Team's Unique Metrics To Optimize Candidate Messaging

An Innovation | For Your Hiring Team's Messaging Advantage

Access Point Partners brought together multiple experts passionate about delivering competitive advantage to companies' hiring process.  Using publicly available team member data, we identified two unaddressed opportunity areas.  

First, we identify where a team incurs a recruitment messaging disadvantage due to incoming candidates' researching of Hiring Teams.  Candidates' obtain more data about individual team members and their relative metrics than teams know; identifying accurate and inaccurate metrics helps each member better advocate during candidate interviews.

Second, we graphically present the team metrics via distinct analytics and metrics.  Why is this important? Corporate brands are helpful to initially attract candidates; however, candidates who then engage in the hiring process make their decisions based on the team they'd be joining.  People are attracted to companies, but they join teams. 

Powered by our corporate clients' inputs, and using our passion for clients' successes outside of search, we combined inputs from clients, candidates, and internal and external colleagues to create the innovative AdvocacyQuadrant solution. 

AQ 360° reflects 150+ years of knowledge and insights of client and candidate-informed surveys, experiences, and observations.  The firm's principals and partners with expertise in Learning & OD, HR Strategy, and HR Communications helped create and now deliver a solution that furthers Hiring Teams' abilities to adopt ongoing and superior hiring advocacy.

AQ 360° addresses and coordinates proactive responses which advantage Hiring Team interviewing of all candidates.  

A Hiring Team's 360°  Public Brand Profile | Know Yours

Employer Brand provides initial attraction; yet, candidates join or reject opportunities based on assumptions they bring to interviews which - left unspoken by candidates - remain unaddressed by that Hiring Team's members.

We identify and analyze the external talent marketplace's assumptions which will inform team members, add productivity in hiring, reduce cost and raise ROI for teams, HR, and the business.  Client Hiring Teams partnering with HRBPs, TA, and CHROs see results in ROI, hiring speed and quality, and Hiring Team market reputation for talent acquisition competitive advantage.

$100m+ Employers

Assessing For Lean

Specialist Advice About A Candidate's Lean Competencies

Solutions For $100m+ Employers

For Leaders Who've Become Private Company CEOs

CEOs whose careers and results were advantaged by the resources of publicly traded companies often face unique Human Resources opportunities upon joining $100 million plus private companies.  Previously supported by sophisticated Talent Management and Talent Acquisition services, these CEOs find that their private companies' resources differ from what they've been accustomed.  Our solutions and firm's structure affords the CEO and their HR organizations a financial and services solution which provides the sophisticated credentials to which they're accustomed.

Broad advisory CEO/Consultant relationships when Human Resources' highest value remains operational.  Human Resources leadership within smaller privately-held companies hold broad responsibilities including crucial employee relations and daily tactical accountabilities.  When full time Talent Management and Talent Acquisition roles don't fit financial priorities, our consultants' corporate and consulting backgrounds provide CEOs with as-needed and retained advisory.

A retainer relationship solution for more integrated knowledge of client strategies and leadership.  A more integrated approach removes the as-needed transactional nature of executive search consulting, enabling access and communications between leadership and consultants outside specific engagements, advantages in fee levels, and other service offerings.  

CEOs identify specific positions and functions to be upgraded.  Pipeline to meet business plans.  Our targeted pipeline recruiting solution builds proactive talent pools by function and/or geography to enable CEOs and their HR leadership to react promptly when human capital needs arise and for seeding their teams proactively. 

Solutions For Special Circumstances