How We're Differentiated | Position-level Integration

As a boutique firm with consultants who have successfully completed critical and unique searches over many years, our clients select us for our management assessment skills, broad access to executives in many companies, and our results: the mid and long term performance, promotions, and tenure of our placements who enter companies at multiple levels.

How is Access Point Partners differentiated?   By recruiting across C-levels to mid-level Directors.

Our search firm consultants' vision includes a highly client-responsive mission and promise around position-level integration: We provide recruiting expertise throughout the critical two to three levels of management from C-levels to subordinate leaders.

Recruiting expertise across Directors, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-levels is the integrated service today's client organizations demand at a time when large global search firms decline or disqualify themselves for their client companies' sub-C-level search engagement needs. 

We're frequently contacted by non-client company CHROs and Talent Acquisition leaders who ask, "I'd like to know if you would take a director level search?"  We do and for good reasons. 

First, since we excel at senior level positions, we're thoroughly informed recruiters of Directors and Senior Directors.  Second, when you are intimately involved in your client's culture, teams, and strategies, it's a fiduciary responsibility to assist their recruitment of critical multi-level talent.

We're diffentiated by our years-long experience and our vision of multilevel executive search.