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From long running Lean organizations to newer implementers, assessment of candidates' Lean competencies should avoid over-attributing credentials and execution to the standards of a current employer because employers' business sytems and each individual's engagement with Lean varies.  We focus on assessing commercial, general manager, and corporate functions talent regarding their experiences and/or abilities to join a client's pre-existing Lean culture.  

Hiring process owners must determine the Lean competencies of candidates.  Defining lean-management values within job descriptions can filter for certain basic standards, however the talent pool varies widely in capacity, adoption, and passion for Lean.  Our search process is designed to help your decision making when it involves Lean.

Access Point Partners' consultants have recruited for some of the leading Lean organizations. In addition to experiences recruiting candidates into the companies respected for their operational excellence systems, our search process is differentiated on certain search engagements by the inclusion of the firm's Lean experts.  Beyond conducting searches for Lean competencies, our consulting team has co-lead weeklong Kaizen workouts alongside human resources leadership.  

Our unique search solution includes candidate interviews conducted by our Lean-dedicated consultant whose career includes being a client Corporate Vice President of Human Resources at a top performing Fortune 500 manufacturer dedicated to Lean production systems.  Together our clients and consultants obtain a clearer picture of a candidate competencies. 

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Access Point Partners knows Lean and deploys it within Human Resources and Operating Executives clients' searches.  Prior to founding the firm, Eric Gustafson co-managed the initial Kaizen of Executive Search at Danaher Inc., the corporation from which the Danaher Business System would become a template for other corporations' installation of Lean business process systems.   Invited by Danaher's CHRO, he co-managed a week long session with HR and operating executives to refine internal processes to include efficient relationships with outside search firms.

Kaizen results:  Internal and external time to fills were reduced from 183 to 93 days. Access Point Partners practices continuous improvement and process excellence internally and with client corporations.