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Our Approach Differentiates Nonprofits' Searches

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Unencumbered by myriad "off limits" issues of large and specialized search firms' nonprofit practice recruiters, we pursue a broad range of nonprofit sectors and their talent, not simply those who appear available or whom we might already know.  We don't post positions, we recruit by direct contact.

Nonprofits are complex organizations and running one requires acumen internally and externally.  By design, our nonprofit practice is the smallest of our multi-industry clientele, yet our multi-functional expertise enables us to find and assess extensive network of referrals and references in the nonprofit world.  Our researching of candidates is proactive; we're retained to bring forward highly differentiated talent versus nonprofit specialists who routinely acquire candidates in a passive applicant effort.

Outstanding execution requires rigorous engagement into nonprofit talent pools and on client communications.  Our greatest satisfaction is solving searches with delighted clients, not the pursuit of new searches.  We guide clients to fully vetted, outstanding decisions by demonstrating the complete range of nonprofit talent options. 

Our two nonprofit-experienced Managing Directors, Marianne Alabaster and Eric Gustafson, lead engagements spanning prospect identification, outreach, attraction, assessment, due diligence, client presentations, and offer acceptances.

We deliver what top nonprofits seek.  Results.

We employ the judgment earned by consultants' deep experiences with people, organizations, motivations, and trajectory.  Our clients retain us to be "inclusively discriminating," to assess people for two-plus levels beyond today, and bring forward leaders with diverse thinking and backgrounds.  Leaders with virtue, vision, and runway.

Uniquely Recruiting Within Nonprofit:  We've been retained by selective nonprofits that require a corporate-quality,  proactive search process instead of the passive, post-online-applicant model of specialist nonprofit search firms or the talent blockage issues of large search firms' nonprofit practices.  Nonprofits with business executive Chairpersons and diverse boards are seeking the same high levels of performance obtained in successful experiences with corporate-side search consultants. 

Our Candidates Notice.  Which Accrues Differentiation To Nonprofits:  Our professional reputation and networks yield candidate responsiveness, yet when we conduct nonprofit searches the responsiveness to our direct calls into prospective candidates is surprisingly overwhelming. It benefits our clients.

What Superior Candidates Tell Us: "I'm calling back because never before has a nonprofit recruiter found my phone number and left a message as you did.  Most just post a job, even for the top level positions, on their website and wait for people to see it and apply.  You made me curious."  

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