A Hiring Team's Public 360° Brand | Identify, Analyze, Advocate

An organization's 50,000 foot Employer Brand attracts prospective talent, yet engaged candidates turn near-exclusively to facts and assumptions they've researched about a Hiring Team they may join. They've spent weeks researching and making assumptions - accurate and not.

We identified the information gap between candidates' Team Brand image of a Hiring Team and that Team's awareness of it. Advocating for one's Hiring Team requires analysis-informed interviewers. Our consultants are uniquely prepared to assess and advocacy on clients' behalf.  Success drives hiring and ROI. 

EXECUTIVE SEARCH EXCELLENCE  |  Supported By AdvocacyQuadrant Methodology

AQ®  360°   A Hiring Team's Public Brand Profile

Advocacy Solutions |  We'll Help You Find Your Hiring-Team Brand Advantage

Firm Co-Founder, Eric Gustafson, has brought together multiple experts passionate about delivering competitive advantage to clients across two opportunity areas within companies' recruitment efforts.  AQ360° for hiring organizations.

First, to identify and resolve to their advantage how client companies incur a recruiting due diligence disadvantage versus candidates' public-data researching of Hiring Teams.  Candidates' researching of Hiring Teams provides them more data about individual team members and their construction than teams advocate in preparation for and in handling candidate interviews.

Second, the unique team-based brand of a specific Hiring Team identified via distinct analytics and metrics.  Why is this important? Corporate brands are helpful to initially attract candidates, however candidates who then engage in the hiring process make their decisions based on the team they'd be joining.  People are attracted to companies, but they join teams. 

Powered by our corporate clients' inputs, and using our passion for clients' successes outside of search, we combined inputs from clients, candidates, and internal and external colleagues to create the innovative AdvocacyQuadrant solution. 

AQ 360° reflects 150+ years of knowledge and insights of client and candidate-informed surveys, experiences, and observations.  The firm's principals and partners with expertise in Learning & OD, HR Strategy, and HR Communications helped create and now delivery a solution that furthers HIring Teams' abilities to adopt ongoing and superior hiring advocacy.

Advocacy Solutions deliver industry-first analytical advisory to help Business Unit and Functional Hiring Teams improve their hiring ROI by identifying their teams' 360° Public Brand Profiles and addressing and coordinating proactive responses.  

Access Point Partners' search consultants leverage the innovative analytics of our AdvocacyQuadrant® for each client recruitment engagement.