Manufacturers whose devices are deployed in customers' plants, offices, healthcare sites, and other premises are pursuing substantial recurring revenue opportunities.  These potential revenues have also attracted third parties with Cloud, SaaS, and PaaS platforms who aspire to provide solutions from connecting  devices to monetizing the device customers' massive data. 

Whether an industrial or technology hardware manufacturer, recruiting IoT-savvy talent from companies adept in Connected Devices, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, etc. involves onboarding talent from varied cultures and often less traditional leadership environments. 


Search consultants who can combine their Industrial and Technology Markets expertise on IoT involved client positions is a key differentiator for identifying, assessing, and attracting talent.  

Access Point Partners' structure allows it to recruit from the best and most relevant companies.  Additional leverage from the dual-consultants of the IIoT Center of Expertise advantages clients' results on these critical engagements.    

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Our IIoT Consultants Combine For Engagements

     Building Solutions, Energy, Security, Commercial, Higher Ed

     Industrial Manufacturing

     Technology | Connected Devices, Cloud, Imaging, Healthcare Diagnostics

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